Drymax ULV Fogger

Drymax ULV Fogger

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 DryMax ULV Fogger:

The Dry Max ULV Foggers are the most versatile foggers on the market due to their unique spray controls. With this machine, you can control Spray Velocity, Spray Pattern and Particle Size. No matter what the application requirements are, the Dry Max ULV Fogger can be instantly adjusted to meet them.


It meets the restoration contractor demands and carries a full 5 quart capacity. The Dry Max ULV Fogger sprays 25 feet.


Use the Dry Max ULV Fogger on:


  • Low Volume, Fine Particle for cabinets
  • High Volume, Fine Particle for HVAC systems
  • High Volume, Large Particle for ceilings
  • Wide Pattern for wall surfaces and so on.

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