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Traffic Lane Gray is an un-correctable condition that often causes carpet to “ugly out” long before it is “worn out”.  This is caused by worn fibers failing to reflect light from the high traffic areas in the same way it is reflected from the other areas.  This results in what appears to be soiled areas even though the carpet has been thoroughly cleaned. 
Dinge-Away Reflective Enhancements are liquid sprays that adhere to and modify the reflective properties of the damaged fibers.  Carpets that have been declared “un-cleanable” and that “must be replaced” can now be restored to serviceable condition.

 This is a ready to use multi-phase product.  Shake the bottle very well to evenly distribute al phases before using.
Use a trigger sprayer to mist the product evenly and conservatively onto the grayed areas and blend into the fibers with a carpet groomer.  Begin with a light application and increase the application as needed.  The product can be removed by bonnet or hot water extraction while it is wet.  However once it dries it becomes more permanent.

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