Defender - Carpet Protector

Defender - Carpet Protector

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Defender improves the quality and appearance of indoor environments through soil and contamination reduction.

As the most advanced, multi-function carpet protector, Defender benefits you in 5 powerful ways:

  • It prevents wicking by interfering with the osmosis that carries soil up the fibers during the drying process.
  • It works to prevent yellowing by neutralizing the pH of the carpet.
  • It protects against stains by blocking the stain from attaching directly to the carpet fibers.
  • It reduces re-soiling by preventing the soil from attaching to the carpet fibers.
  • It improves the cleaning performance of vacuums by rapidly releasing dirt into the vacuum.

Traffic lanes will not appear as soon as they normally would.  Carpets will stay clean longer.  And when combined with proper maintenance, the accumulation of soil and other contaminants will be noticeably reduced.

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